About Us

Who Am I?

Steve ButterworthIn over 10 years in technology, I’ve developed software for some high profile law enforcement agencies, fortune 500 companies and built several successful web based applications. Although I have a 1st Class Computing degree I don’t like complicated stuff, in fact I love simple stuff, and I love life away from my computer screen too.

Helping Small Businesses

I have helped many startups and small business get the right technology in place focussing on simple cost effective solutions that don’t need ongoing maintenance. I love advising consumers and small companies on a bullet proof tech setup . I am a big fan of cloud computing and think by helping people move to the cloud, I can do my little bit to make UK entreprises more efficient.

Helping Consumers

But it’s not just business computing that interests me. Everyday, even before starting this site I would be asked for all sorts of computer and web advice, and was always surprised at how big the gulf was between the few people with the tech know-how and everyone else just trying to get by with their computer. We use technology so much now, that getting by just isn’t enough. We can save time, money and have a whole lot more fun and success by really getting to grips with the best available technology out there. I’m here to show you how.

My Mission

After hearing countless stories of people being frustrated with their computers, unhappy with their broadband, confused about social media and ripped off by companies they have paid to build their website, I decided to do something about it. With The Technology Expert website my mission is to help make technology simple to understand, simple to use and an indispensable productivity tool for whatever it is you want to achieve. If you use the the right tools, get the right deals and have the right approach, then technology can be great fun and open new doors professionally and socially.

Consumer Champion

The problem is there are a lot of very clever companies out there who want your money. All bombarding you with advertising, technical jargon and apparently great deals. For example, there are well over 1,000 new laptop models on the market at any one time. How can you possibly work out the best deals and how can you trust the advice from shops and consultants when they are all trying to sell, sell, sell. Our solution is very much along the lines of Martin Lewis’ fantastic Money Saving Expert site. We are building a completely unbiased, consumer focussed resource, full of simple technology advice for consumers and small businesses who don’t have the luxury of IT expertise at their beck and call. We try and make it simple and time effective for you, the reader, by doing the hard work for you and finding the best products and deals on the market. We scour blogs, news sites, review sites, social media and online shops to find out what customers like, what experts like and finally sprinkle our own expert eye over the findings.

I want it to be a Conversation.

If you read an article and you are still confused or you think it misses the answer for you, then we invite you to get in touch. We offer completely free tech advice via email (steve@thetechnologyexpert.co.uk), twitter or the comments section at the bottom of each article. I want this to be a conversation, not a one way publication. We start the debate, and together as a crowd of experts and consumers we keep track of the best solutions to our techy headaches.

How do we make money?

Right now, we don’t. But we know that to sustain the site we need to have a plan for this. So soon we’ll be adding a script that looks through the site content for any external links that could make us money, should you go on and make a purchase at a 3rd party site. This is exactly the way The Money Saving Expert, Travel Supermarket and many other popular websites make money. We will clearly display any of the links that have the potential to make us money so you can choose not to follow it. We promise not to allow money making links affect our judgement and consumer focussed editorial. This is one reason we are going to start by opting for a completely automated script for finding the money making links.