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One of the best mobile devices currently on the market has to be the Apple iPad, has had an and version 2 is out now. The iPad was essentially the first tablet computer of its kind, and as well as causing massive stir, also resulted in other manufacturers hurriedly creating their own answer to the Apple tablet.

However, for many it is the Apple iPad that remains the firm favourite and while this is not a device that is cheap to buy, it does at least offer a formidable array of features. Central to everything is the ability to stay online, pretty much wherever you go. While the basic version comes armed with Wi-Fi, it’s well worth splashing out and opting for the pricier 3G edition that will allow you to tap into the world of mobile broadband.

What to buy

Things have been shaken up a little bit by the recent announcement of the new Apple iPad, which will be more powerful, has a more slimline chassis and two cameras allowing not only video calling but also the chance to snap a decent picture or two as well. Battery life also promises to be up to ten hours also, but the first incarnation wasnít bad when it came to that, so lets not disregard that original iPad either.

In fact, if you’re quick itís actually possible to bag a bargain when it comes to the first edition of the Apple iPad. Some electronics retailers, such as Carphone Warehouse, eBuyer and Best Buy have been selling the base level version of this tablet for just £329 recently, which is a bit of a steal. Of course, they’re hoping to clear their shelves of all old stock and not everybody wants something that is essentially an old model.

However, don’t forget that the Apple iPad was the first tablet and many people still consider it to be the best performer in the market place. It certainly looks cool and offers a great user experience too. There are a few drawbacks to the original iPad, such as no camera whatsoever, but if you’re in need of a mobile device that doesn’t include weight and bulkiness like many laptops, then it’s an ideal companion. We love the deals offered by GiffGaff but as of yet they don’t have a data owner 3G SIM and all of their offerings must be used with a phone. We are hoping this will change in the near future. But until then we have toi look elsewhere for our best buys.

Get iPad SIM deals

With the increasing popularity of the Apple iPad has come a wealth of really good SIM deals for the tablet device. The thing with these is that theyíre not youíre normal SIM card style option that comes inside a mobile phone. The Apple iPad SIM card is smaller, and so you need to be sure that when you buy a card for the tablet device that youíve got the right one.

The easiest way around that is to use the services of a free online comparison website, such as Broadband Genie. This location allows quick and easy access to all of the current best deals and offers, not only on iPad SIM cards but everything to do with going mobile. Itís possible to hone your search too, allowing for things like pay-as-you-go options, contract deals and what sort of data allowance you need.

There are quite a few things you need to take into consideration when buying iPad SIM card deals, so itís well worth spending some time doing your research so that you donít end up getting a deal thatís not really tailored for your internet needs. Although the Apple iPad deals out there are still currently limited, simply because Apple products command a premium price in most cases, deals are becoming more competitive as time rolls by.

What to look for

It’s a good idea to see what added extras are thrown into iPad SIM card deals, as some mobile providers will give you better allowances than others. These can change all the time, however, which is why it makes much more sense to check a comparison website so that you can stay abreast of the latest deals and offers. Lookout too for data allowances, as some are more generous than others.

If you’re the sort of stays online a lot and needs to download data rather than surf the web or check emails then spend time checking those data allowances. It’s worth looking out for bundle deals too, where mobile providers might throw in extra minutes, or other products and services if you sign up for more than one thing.

A little time spent doing your homework on a decent comparison website can pay real dividends in the long run, so be prepared to take some time doing a bit of through research first.

Best Buys

  • Three Mobile

    3′s iPad Micro-SIM 1GB 1 month

    Expert RatingConsumer RatingGreat for regular data usage, and the deal is available on a flexible rolling monthly contract. This offer also includes a free 3 month subscription to the Times Online

  • Weather HD Logo

    3′s iPad micro-SIM 10GB 1 month

    Expert RatingConsumer RatingIdentical to aforementioned 3 package, but much more suitable for the heavier userMake sure you are a heavy user. No point in paying for 10GB usage if you spend most of your time in wifi zones.

  • Vodafone

    Vodafone’s iPad SIM Regular User

    Expert RatingConsumer Rating2 GB per month of data.Do be aware that if you go over the 2 GB monthly limit you will be charged an extra £15 per additional GB.

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