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Dec 24, 2010 View Comments by Steve

Now the latest iPhone has a good quality camera its time to take some seriously good photos with your phone. The great thing about using your iPhone for photos is its always with you, you can easily share your snaps and you can quickly add effects with some of the wide range of amazing apps available. We’ve trawled through more than 30 apps to bring you the very best iPhone photo apps to impress your friends.


Instagram ScreenshotThis is one to watch out for in 2011. It’s a really neat app that lets you easily take photos, add effects and upload them for sharing via twitter and facebook. It also has its own twitter like social network. So you can follow other peoples photo streams too. Its like Twitter for your photos. The app is beautifully designed, easy to use and the set of effects are my favourite effects from any of the photo apps. Oh and did I mention its free too.


Colors Pro

Colors Pro ScreenshotNow this one is sure to impress your friends. Take any photo from your photo album or camera and use this app to selectively color a part of the image to create a dramatic effect. The way it works is pretty straight forward. You grab the photo you want to add the effect to and Color Pro makes it a black and white photo. Then you simply use you finger to paint the color back in where you want it. Its not that easy to to do accuratly with a blunt finger but the tip here is to zoom in as much as you can for those fiddly edges. You can take a photo and have the effect added in less than a minute. In my book thats pretty cool.



Fat Booth ScreenshotOut of the set this one is the comedy option. It turns out making people look a lot fatter than they actually are is a lot of fun. This app takes your headshots and makes your face fat. Its as simple as that. There are other apps in the App Store that claim to do this but this is the one that actually shows impressively realistic results. In fact its so realistic it will give you enough motivation to keep your hands off the chocolate box for another couple of days.



Panaromatic ScreenshotI use this app for those landscapes and cityscape shots. It lets you take a set of photos and then stitches them together for you to make a great panoramic shot. It allows you to shuffle the individual shots to line them up. Its dead simple to use. You can share the shots via facebook or email, and save them to your photo gallery too. Unfortunately right now there is no easy way to upload to one of the twitter photo sharing sites but hopefully that will be coming soon.



Hipstamatic ScreenshotHipstamatic is a very popular app for adding all kinds of effects to your photos. You add effects my using different types of virtual lenses, films and flashes. You don’t get that many choices in the default install but there are loads of in app purchases available for £0.59 each. I like this app but think its a bit pricey now at £1.19 plus £0.59 for each new set of effects. It has direct integration with flickr and facebook but again I’d love to see closer integration with twitter photo sharing sites.



Expert Choice

  • Instagram Logo


    Expert RatingConsumer RatingIncredibly simple to use and share photos with beautiful effectsWould like to see the photos taking up the full screen on the Instagram website when viewed on the iPhone 4

  • Color Pro Logo

    Color Pro Free

    Expert RatingConsumer RatingThe color feature on a black and white background is a powerful effect and this app makes it simple to achieveCan be awkward to color very fine detail, use the zoom!

  • Panaromatic Logo


    Expert RatingConsumer RatingFully featured and easy use app for stitching your photos together for an impressive panoramic viewWould like to see integration with some twitter photo sharing sites.


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