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Best iPad 2 SIM Deals

Mar 24, 2011 View Comments

The iPad 2 is here. Which ever iPad you have we have found the best mobile broadband deals for you so hopefully that will save a bit of time and money.

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The Best iPhone Weather Apps

Feb 15, 2011 View Comments

What could be more important to us in the UK than weather its all we seem to talk about. So why not make sure you are in the know with the best weather app the iPhone has to offer.

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Understand the iPad and other Tablets

Mar 23, 2011 View Comments

There is so much written about the iPad, plenty of reviews and plenty of opinion so I’m not going to add to that. Instead I’ll try and explain why it may be the computer for you.

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Giffgaff, The Other Mobile Network

Jan 31, 2011 View Comments

An interesting new mobile network with bargain prices and no contracts run by the community.

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Best Photo Apps for your iPhone

Dec 23, 2010 View Comments

Now the latest iPhone has a good quality camera its time to take some seriously good photos with your phone. Here are the best apps for making fabulous photos.

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Best iPhone Apps for Christmas 2010

Nov 24, 2010 View Comments

We love Christmas here at Tech Towers and we love the iPhone too so we thought it would be a good idea to write an article about the best iPhone apps for Christmas 2010

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UK Smartphone 3G Coverage: Who Wins?

Nov 04, 2010 View Comments

Understanding Coverage In the ever more mobile data driven world we do more and more internet based activities with our mobile phones. 3G is the wireless technology used by the smartphone networks that makes this internet data get around at good speeds. This means you can stream music and video, browse the web or send [...]

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Cheap iPhone: 5 Steps To A Bargain Dream Phone

Nov 03, 2010 View Comments

Grab The Cheapest Deal We currently rate the best value iPhone deal to be the Three £30 per month contract. With that you pay just £99 upfront for the phone and get a generous 500 minutes, 5000 texts, 1GB internet, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes. With your new iPhone you’ll find yourself hunting down a good 3G [...]

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Best Smartphone for 2011

Nov 02, 2010 View Comments

Smart phones like the iPhone, Android and Windows 7 phones are sure enough taking over the mobile phone market. Everyone want these mini computers in their hands. Read email, chat on social networks, shoot and edit photos and video and much much more. We hunt down the best value in the market.

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