Building Websites

12 Essential Rules For Building Your Site Traffic

Dec 07, 2010 View Comments

We all want more traffic. The more traffic the more potential customers. I have put together a simple to follow 12 step plan that has had incredibly successful results for me. No spam, no shady tactics just a good atitude, a creative marketing mind frame and you’re on your way to huge visitor numbers.

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How To Build Your Own Business Website

Dec 13, 2010 View Comments

In this day and age you should have a website that is built on top of a well supported CMS – a piece of server based software that makes it easy for the site owner to edit the site. We have checked out a ton of options and found the best.

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The Simplest Way to Build a Great Online Shop

Nov 23, 2010 View Comments

Market Places The simplest way of selling online is via an existing online marketplace such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace. Even if you still want a more customised web presence of your own, these marketplaces are a useful channel for generating early sales and will help you understand the market and your business before you [...]

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