Jargon Busters

Twitter: 10 Step Beginners Guide

May 20, 2011 View Comments

Sign up Just head on over to twitter.com and hit the Sign up button. You only have 15 characters for your username, and try and make easy to remember, avoiding using numbers if possible. Start following After the first signup page you will get an interests page. Use the search box to search for people, [...]

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PC & Laptop Jargon Busting Buyers Guide

Dec 07, 2010 View Comments

Bluetooth Allows you to wirelessly connect accessories to your computer such as a keyboard, mouse or mobile phone. DVI Connection A digital display socket, perfect for connecting your monitor. There are different types of DVI including DVI-A (analog only), DVI-D (digital only), and DVI-DA (analog and digital). Avoid the analog only connection and try and [...]

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Internet Technical Terms

Nov 04, 2010 View Comments

You’ve probably read websites and talked to computer savvy friends and been bombard with acronyms and strange made up words. The internet revolution has created a whole new techy vocabulary. So to help you get the best out of the web we think you might find this little glossary of technical internet terms useful.

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Internet Marketing Terms

Dec 08, 2010 View Comments

So you want to get into internet marketing. Whether its getting yourself, your business or your website noticed more, internet marketing is going to be key. But first you need to understand a few important acronyms and terms that will keep cropping up on the journey and thats why we wrote this little glossary.

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Basics Internet Jargon

Sep 23, 2010 View Comments

We get a lot of questions about about different words and acronyms mean so we’ve written a glossary of basic internet jargon. If this is childs play and you’re looking for something a little more involved then take a look at the Internet Marketing Terms and Internet Techie Terms posts.

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