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Giffgaff, The Other Mobile Network

Jan 31, 2011 View Comments

An interesting new mobile network with bargain prices and no contracts run by the community.

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Free Website and UK Domain For Your Business

Dec 14, 2010 View Comments

What’s The Deal? Google, BT & Enterprise UK are currently running a project to help get every business in the UK get online. The Getting British Business Online initiative is a great way for small companies without IT expertise to get a simple web presence. You can choose a domain, free for 2 years, [...]

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Curry’s & PC World £100 Laptop Trade-In

Dec 02, 2010 View Comments

Curry’s and PC World are offering £100 off desktop and laptop computers until Dec 6th 2010 – if you give them your old laptop. It looks similar to a car trade-in scheme. If you buy a laptop or desktop for over £500 (including iMacs and MacBooks) you can get £100 off by giving them your [...]

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Apple Black Friday Deals

Nov 29, 2010 View Comments

Apple aren’t known for cutting their prices so today is a fantastic opportunity to save money on a few devices with a one day only apple Black Friday event.

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Special Pre-Christmas Hosting Deals

Nov 26, 2010 View Comments

We’ve hunted down a few special deals on hosting for this Christmas period. Our favourite website creation software is Wordpress and we reckon you should get hosting with one click Wordpress installs as well as cPanel which gives an easy way for a non techy to manage email accounts, websites, ftp accounts, backups and much more. So here’s what we’ve got for you…

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