Cheap iPhone: 5 Steps To A Bargain Dream Phone

Dec 07, 2010 View Comments by Steve

Grab The Cheapest Deal

We currently rate the best value iPhone deal to be the Three £30 per month contract. With that you pay just £99 upfront for the phone and get a generous 500 minutes, 5000 texts, 1GB internet, 5000 Three-to-Three minutes. With your new iPhone you’ll find yourself hunting down a good 3G connection which basically means you will have a good fast browsing experience required for video, music streaming and many other apps. With this in mind check the coverage in your area before taking the plunge but according to Ofcom, Three have pretty much the best coverage in the UK.

Use your Minutes and Data wisely

Keep an eye on your usage and keep within your allotted talk minutes. Encourage your friends and family to go with the same network as you too so you can use those 5000 Three-to-Three minutes. Use home, office or cafe wi-fi hotspots where possible so you don’t eat into the 1GB internet data allowance and end up paying extra for more data. If you are a big talker then take a look at the Skype and Fring both free apps offering free voice and video calling to other Skype or Fring users, especially useful as an alternative to expensive international calls. These apps also work over 3G so if you have spare data allowance this could be a good option to extend your talk time.

Make your iPhone a replacement for all those other gadgets and sell, sell, sell

Now you have that iPhone with its 5 mega pixel camera, do you really need the old point and shoot digital camera? You never remembered to take it out anyway whereas your phone is always in your pocket. Why not sell it on eBay and put it in the “I can afford an iPhone contract” fund. Come to think of it, that video camera that spends most of its time in the cupboard taking up space doesn’t even do HD which the iPhone 4 in my pocket does, so that can go on eBay too. Have a Nintendo DS or a PSP, perhaps you were thinking of buying one – no need the iPhone comes with a far greater choice of games at a fraction of the price that you can view on that high resolution screen. Perhaps you have an iPod, no need for that now either, the iPhone is an iPod on steroids. OK, you get the idea but just one more thing and that’s satellite navigation. A TomTom with European maps is likely to set you back at least £120, so how about for half that you buy the brilliant Navigon app for iPhone and buy the in app option of a lifetime supply of live traffic updates. Still less than £60 and regular easy updates of maps and speed cameras thanks to the iPhones built-in app update mechanism. The point I am trying to make here is that at face value the iPhone looks like a very expensive gadget but when you break it down into what it actually offers you in one convenient well built package it could well be saving you a small fortune. Oh and don’t forget to sell or recycle your old phone too.

Once you are out of contract choose a cheaper deal

If your contract has ended and you want to stick with your trusted iPhone (assuming you’re not drooling too much over the latest iPhone release), then its time to step down to a lower tariff contract. The best bet is to get a SIM only deal, with the best on the market right now being Three (£15/month) and Tesco (£15/month). We would recommend Three for their great 3G coverage. Note that Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network.

iPhones hold their value. Sell it on

Once you feel the envy of those people around you with the even newer shinier phone and you want to upgrade, its time to sell on that iPhone. The great news is that iPhones are so desirable that they are holding their value well and selling your 2 year old iPhone could net you anywhere between £150-£300. The chances are you’ll get the best price selling on eBay but there is always the option of using a phone recycling company and Money4URMobile is currently offering the best prices for most iPhone models and seems to be one of the more trusted phone recycling companies.

Still not convinced? Here is a bonus tip. Download our favourite free money saving apps like vouchercloud, vouchers and iHotUKDeals and make your new phone work hard to more than pay for itself.

Have we missed anything? Let us know your best tips for making that iPhone purchase an absolute steal.


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