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What Should I Be Looking For?

  • Connectivity PC keyboards are connected in one of three ways. PS2 which is the round plug with pins in, USB, or wirelessly usually involving a USB wireless receiver.
  • Ergonomics A keyboard that is designed and shaped for the most comfortable arm, rist and hand positions. Helpful to avoid aches and pains and RSI later on in life.
  • Spillage Resistant We all eat and drink at our computers from time to time, that means crumbs can end up in the keyboard making it behave in strange ways. Some keyboards are designed to avoid this.
  • Build Quality Poorly built keyboards fall apart, make a lot of noise and can be pretty difficult to type with.

Lets Look At The Options

The kings of the keyboard market are Logitech & Microsoft. For PC keyboards they dominate this space and not without good reason. Both companies make good quality keyboards and they know what the customer wants. There seems little point in trying to save a few pence with a really cheap keyboard as a well built Microsoft keyboard starts from under £10 and this is a great option. We would recommend sticking to one of the well known brands, going with a USB connection so it works anywhere and buying online where you can grab some great bargains.

The Experts Choice

  • Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

    Expert RatingConsumer RatingComfortable, smart, quiet, spill resistant, USB connection Shows up marks. Shape only suitable for touch typing

  • Logitech Wireless Desktop

    Expert RatingConsumer Rating Great value for quality wireless keyboard & mouse combo Wireless solutions get through batteries so stock up.

  • Logitech Media Keyboard

    Expert RatingConsumer Rating Bargain, good build quality. Simple and elegant. PS2 connection, check for purple socket or buy adaptor


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    In this article best value of keyboard are available. I think second one Keyboard shown in this article is very best. It’s look is marvellous and price is also reasonable.                                                                                                                                                                 

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